“We refer our clients to the Housing Partnership for home ownership, home maintenance and financial education and we end up with highly successful homeowners”

– Morris Habitat for Humanity, Carolyn Haraksin, Director of Homeowner Relations, Morris Habitat for Humanity

“What is different about working with Housing Partnership buyers is that the people involved are all truly grateful for your help. For me, real estate has never been about how much money I can earn, but rather, how I can help people that really need it. Due to the nature of the programs (first time homebuyers, lower income or limited budgets, past credit issues, etc.), you will not make huge money with Housing Partnership, but if you care about people, your rewards will be much more valuable than monetary gain. I was the recipient of Housing Partnership’s annual realtor’s award many years ago and this honor meant more to me than a solid gold trophy. So, not only do the buyers appreciate you, but so does the organization. Your knowledge and experience will matter and make a difference!”

– Diana Sheriff, Heirloom Realty, Dover, NJ

“Having worked with many agencies over the years I have worked with the Housing Partnership the longest over 19 years this year and you folks do great work. Your program is thorough and in depth and your candidates come out prepared and aware of what they need to do to insure a successful transition from tenant to HOMEOWNERS……. Thank you and your staff for what you do.”

– Jack Granger, Jr., Mortgage Loan Officer, Santander Bank

“We have a great relationship with the Housing Partnership. We work together on so many projects that combine our shared goal of educating potential homeowners and putting them on the path to fulfill their dreams of owning a home and sustaining homeownership. As a bank that is fully invested in the communities it serves, we are very fortunate to be able to participate directly in the Step-by-Step Home Owner education classes run through the Housing Partnership, as well as the annual home buyer expo. And, we are grateful for the support we receive from the Housing Partnership for our First Home Club program, which has seen many participants successfully become first time home owners. The Housing Partnership is just that – a PARTNERSHIP.”

– Latosha Taylor, Community Development Mortgage Consultant, Peapack-Gladstone Bank