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Affordable Housing

Administrative Agent for Affordable Rental and Home Purchases.

Want to Buy a House but Don’t Think You Can Afford To?

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It can be expensive to live and work in New Jersey. The average cost of owning or renting a home here is higher than in almost any other state in the country. If housing costs are eating up a bigger and bigger chunk of your household income, then the Affordable Homes program may be right for you.

Our Affordable Housing Department provides the following services for our partnering municipalities and developers

  • Municipal affordable housing management
  • Affirmative marketing
  • Answer common questions regarding affordable housing
  • Income qualifying applicants
  • Pricing of affordable units
  • Affordability assistance programs
  • Affordable housing monitoring
  • Affordable housing ordinances
  • Operating manuals
  • Deed restrictions
  • Oversight and supervision of private affordable administrators
  • Maintaining an Interested Parties List

We maintain an Interested Parties List for any low- and moderate-income families interested in affordable housing. The list is updated based on the annual income guidelines set by the Affordable Housing Professionals of New Jersey that are adopted by the townships. We are currently administering affordable rental and for-sale units for several New Jersey municipalities.

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All affordable homes are required to go through a random selection process and all applications are reviewed based on the results of the lottery. If anyone is interested in being added to our list, fill out the following application.

How It Works

Step 1: Ensure you are within the max income limits of the program





1 Person



2 People



3 People



4 People



5 People



6 People



*Income limits may vary by municipality.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Interested Parties Application*

Please fill out forms completely. The Housing Partnership asks demographic questions in order to be compliant with grant funders and reporting requirements. Answering the forms completely helps us help you and we thank-you in advance for your assistance in completing the forms.

* If you are disabled and need reasonable accommodations, please contact the Housing Partnership Offices at 973-659-9222, ext. 302

Step 3: Receive notifications of events and workshops HPNJ will be hosting. Receive notifications on updating the current Interested Parties List. Receive e-mail and/or letter notifications of available units depending on household size and income.

Step 4: If interested, applicant will be able to schedule an appointment to view the home and be able to complete an application to save a spot in the online lottery.

Step 5: If certified as eligible, applicant will be able to close on the home or sign a lease for the rental home.

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Affordable Home Program FAQs

An Interested Parties List is a list of names of households wishing to purchase affordable housing in the municipalities administered by the Housing Partnership. Everyone on the list is notified of available units and given the opportunity to enter a lottery for the home should they desire.

Complete the Interested Party Application. For other affordable housing, not administered by the Housing Partnership, visit or contact the municipality directly for instructions.

There is no way of determining how long you will wait for a home. Since most are re-sales, there is no way of knowing when someone will decide to sell their home, nor can we determine where you will place in the lottery for the home.

Yes. Every affordable homes requires that you have 5% of the purchase price as a down payment, closing costs and have funds available for closing costs.

Homes are generally anywhere from 600 square feet up to 1,200 square feet depending on the number of bedrooms. Typically, these homes do NOT have garages and most are condos and/or townhouses.

Yes, you can get one additional bedroom than your household needs however priority will always be given to a household who requires two bedrooms.

  1. Incomes are determined by projecting your gross income for next twelve months.
  2. All incomes are used in determining your eligibility even if you do not claim them on tax returns. This includes Child Support and Alimony.
  3. Asset limits apply.
  4. Must be used as your primary residence
  5. Sales price of all affordable homes (whether purchasing or selling) are determined by the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA).
  6. Home improvements (i.e. kitchen remodel) are not used in determining resale value.
  7. Units cannot be rented out without permission from the Administrator and Municipality and only if temporary for extraordinary circumstances.

If you have more questions or want to know more, please contact the staff members below

Carol Mugele

Carol Mugele

Sherina Caban

Sherina Caban

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