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Financial Capability

Financial Training that promotes confidence to make positive financial decisions ensuring stability and well-being.

We're here to help

We understand that sometimes life just happens and that events or situations can occur that may affect your credit but this should not stop you from achieving your dreams of home ownership . Our Credit Counselor works with you to get your credit where it needs to be.

You qualify for this program if:

  • Your Credit Score is below 700
  • You have too high of a debt-to-income ratio
  • You need help with budgeting

Take control of your finances

We offer a variety of Financial Capability classes that will teach you from everything about managing your money to budgeting during the holidays and how to fix your credit and dispute your credit.

We offer online and in-person classes about a variety of financial empowerment topics.

Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment is a workshop series for teenagers and adults.

Our curriculum covers important topics such as budgeting, fraud prevention, predatory lending, the significance of savings, credit utilization, interest rates, investment strategies, and banking practices. The highlight is “The Game of Life,” a hands-on simulation that allows participants to apply what they have learned to various financial scenarios, demonstrating the consequences and rewards of everyday decisions that impact their lives.

This program is unique as our HUD certified housing counseling team design it to fit your needs and the needs of the communities we are serving.

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Fill out the following form so we can get a clear idea of your situation. We will review and a counselor will work with you to enhance your financial capabilities.

Please fill out forms completely. The Housing Partnership asks demographic questions in order to be compliant with grant funders and reporting requirements. Answering the forms completely helps us help you and we thank-you in advance for your assistance in completing the forms.


Success Stories

If you want to know more about Financial Capability, please contact the staff members below

Shalynn Kellogg

Shalynn A Kellogg, MPA

Australynn Aidoo

Australynn Aidoo

Sabina Neto

Sabina Neto

If you have questions about Financial Empowerment, please contact the staff members below

Shalynn Kellogg

Shalynn A Kellogg, MPA

Brandon McClain

Brandon McClain, MPA

Australynn Aidoo

Australynn Aidoo

Empowering Your Homeownership & Financial Journey