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Success Stories

The best part of our job. These stories from happy home buyers remind us why we do what we do.

From Our Community

At the Housing Partnership, we love to share success stories!
Here are some stories from happy home buyers.

“In 2004 , my mom was a single parent who wanted to find a place to call her own and her HOME. She was able to get connected with the Housing Partnership who helped guide her with her credit and financing. Throughout that process she was able to apply for an Affordable Home that was being newly built in Sparta. Thankfully, she won the lottery and became a first-time homebuyer in 2006. During that time, I was a teen and as the years went by, she would express the importance of taking care of my credit and finances. I became a mother myself and had a family of my own and pushed for me to go the Housing Partnership achieve the goal of homeownership for my family. In 2016, my husband and I became new homebuyers, that was TEN years after my mom purchased her home. We were able to utilize the knowledge my mom gained from the Housing Partnership, alongside the counselors at the partnership to help us be ready for out next big step of homeownership! In 2023 , we sold our property and utilized our equity to purchase our FOREVER HOME.

This is a true testament to generational wealth! Now, it is my turn to pass it down to my three girls on a personal standpoint but also, as a professional standpoint as I am a HUD certified Counselor and Program Director for the Housing Partnership.

I am so thankful for the Housing Partnership to have a program as such to help guide a wide range of population, especially for minorities such as myself and my mom.”

- Stephanie Otaegui


- Maria Solines

“Just wanted to thank you for the helpful advice so many years ago. We closed on our house on November 17th ave the FHC Grant was a huge help! Also just wanted to let you know that Latosha Taylor at Peapack-Gladstone bank was fantastic to work with. We had some issues due to the house being a short sale but she was extremely patient with me through the process. Thanks to everything we learned in the classes and the one on one advice I was able to put 20 percent down. Thank you for everything and responding to my frantic emails when I needed help.”

- Allen H.

“Thank you Housing Partnership for offering a thorough and informative online course that fit into our busy life. Thank you also to the wonderful staff of women that helped us review and further prepare us for home ownership. Our family is going on 3 months living in our dream home and we couldn’t be happier! If you are thinking of becoming a first time home buyer we would completely recommend taking the time to discuss the programs that are available with the Housing Partnership. You can never be prepared enough for home ownership and it’s amazing what kinds of opportunities are out there and we are so glad someone tipped us off to you.”

- Erica & Pavel S.

“I took your class in October 2011. It will be a year at our new home in the end of this month. Been a long road, I am still working on putting more money on the mortgage than our monthly payment but with my son finishing up his final hear of HS (those expenses) and getting him on that college path, it has been really hard… I really do appreciate beyond words you, your services, and your company/business. I know you may not always see it, know or understand but what you do is a huge service that is needed and appreciated. I make sure I tell anyone who will listen that is thinking about purchasing a home to attend a class. If you walk away with ONE thing, you are that much more prepared and educated about your options.”

- Brenda B.V.

“Thanks to the help of the Housing Partnership I was able to accomplish my goal of buying a house and providing enough space and a yard for my kids. I went from living in a shelter to being a homeowner in 5 years, due to all help there is out there. The Housing Partnership helped me to really understand what it would take to be a homeowner and how to afford and maintain it. I have been a happy homeowner now for 7 months. My children have space to run, a yard to play in and now a puppy. When we got our puppy, I knew our life was complete, and now it is. I am very grateful for all the resources and help out there to help make goals turn reality.”

- Christina K.

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