Home Ownership Preservation

Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage?

The Housing Partnership offers free, confidential counseling to residents in Morris, Sussex and Warren County. We are a HUD-certified counseling agency who understands the process and can be your liaison/advocate with your mortgage company. Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors who will help you:

  • Determine where you stand with your mortgage delinquency
  • Develop and review your household budget and credit
  • Work with you and your loan servicer to discover options that may be available to you
  • Prepare modification packages
  • Set an action plan for your individual situation

To Schedule Your Appointment Complete the Following:

  1. Take our FREE online Foreclosure course to prepare you to meet with your HomeOwnership Specialist.
  2. COMPLETE our online questionaire to help the HomeOwnership Specialist understand your current situation.
  3. Once we recieve the completed questionaire your HomeOwnership Specialist will contact you directly to discuss next steps.

Setting up your appointment:

  1. Download and COMPLETE our intake packet:  English  or Spanish to prepare for your appointment – to be submitted via email -due to the COVID19.

On Mobile?

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app to fill out the forms.

  1. Once your HomeOwnership Specialist receives your completed intake with copies of the requested documentation they will call you to set up your appointment


What can a Home Ownership Specialist help me with?

Your Home Ownership Specialist will help you get your paperwork in order and advise on any potential obstacles to review with your lender. Your Specialist will assist with submitting your documentation to your lender and working on your behalf towards a positive resolution.

Why is all of this documentation required?

The documents requested in the intake packet will help your Home Ownership Specialist get a complete picture of your financial situation so that they can make recommendations to avoid foreclosure. This documentation will also be needed to help with a request for mortgage assistance package required by most lenders..

Why isn’t there a fee for this advocacy service?

Our area is one of the areas of greatest need for foreclosure prevention counseling in the country. The foreclosure prevention program is funded by the federal government and the cost of counseling is already covered by this funding.

When do I need to vacate my home?

You do not need to leave the home until after a Sheriff Sale on the property has taken place, this is the last step in the foreclosure process.