Affordable Homes

Want to Buy a House but Don’t Think You Can Afford To? We Can Help

It can be expensive to live and work in New Jersey. The average cost of owning or renting a home here is higher than in almost any other state in the country. If housing costs are eating up a bigger and bigger chunk of your household income, then the Affordable Homes program may be right for you.

The Affordable Homes program allows eligible candidates to apply for the opportunity to purchase deed-restricted homes – typically 600 to 1,200 square foot condos or townhomes. Housing Partnership administers Affordable Homes in:

  • Hanover Township
  • Mendham Township
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Madison
  • Morris Township
  • Kinnelon (Age Restricted 55+)
  • Sparta
  • Roxbury
  • Randolph

The program is not limited to first time homebuyers; it also helps:

  • Families with low and modest incomes
  • Those who have previously owned homes
  • Seniors who are downsizing from larger homes

How the Affordable Homes Program Works

If you are interested in participating in the Affordable Homes Program:

  1. Ensure you are within the max income limits of the program
  2. Complete and submit the Interested Parties Application*
  3. Receive notification of available homes for sale
  4. Take a Homebuyer Education course
  5. Take advantage of our FREE Counseling & Coaching Services to be prepared for the next steps towards home ownership.
*If you need reasonable accommodations, please contact the Housing Partnership Offices at 973-659-9222, Ext. 302

For more information about the process, see the Interested Parties Application.